AfRID Universities

The Africa Research, Innovation and Development Universities

AFRID is a development platform for empowering African Universities and African Research Teams to employ research to contribute to development on the continent

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Why the Need for the AfRID Universities?

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Quality Education

Quality Education is needed for the development of Africa.

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Quality Research

Quality research is an essential tool for driving African development

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Africa needs to contribute to research for its development

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Innovation & Development

For research to be relevant, it must lead to Innovation and contribute to the development

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African Research for Development. Research created on the continent should drive development in Africa

About the AfRID Network

What we are doing

The AfRID Network is bringing together peer African institutions and researchers that are willing to work together, with a view to generating a critical mass that could effectively support development initiatives on the continent.

The AFRID Universities is led by AAU for African Universities.

However, it is a grouping of Higher education institutions in Africa with excellence in the areas of each forum. The AfRID Network collaborates internationally with – Obreal Global, etc
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Goal, Vision and Mission



To strengthen African Universities and their capacity to undertake research for development



Promotion of African Research for Innovations and Development



Promotion of Research networks among African Universities for Development

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The Africa Research, Innovation and Development Network is set to become a pan-African network for bringing research and academic excellence to contributing to African development


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